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    The new British nuclear program could amount to 20 -25 GW; this means between 10,000 and 15,000 jobs for 25 years in manufacturing and construction, followed by over 60 years of plant operation and support. An AREVA EPR™ project represents a major opportunity for suppliers, in Britain and world-wide.

    program is launched to identify and select suppliers; it describes the necessary standards and steps to qualify.

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    AREVA invites you to respond to a questionnaire that will enable us to better know your business, areas of expertise, references and certifications.

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  • Areva ‘s UK supplier day
    Photo de la conférence

    "Areva ‘s UK supplier day draws 120 companies to hear Luc Oursel, Chairman of the Executive Board of AREVA, spell out the opportunities for UK companies.

    Representatives from more than 120 companies who attended a specially arranged conference, ‘Join the UK Nuclear Renaissance , an AREVA UK Suppliers day’, on March 16 heard Luc Oursel, President and CEO of AREVA NP, say “We can’t achieve our objectives without you. We need you.”

    He said, “ The available market for UK companies is some 70% of the total EPRTM reactor scope. The first wave is likely to be some 4-10 EPR reactors in UK. We need also significantly more suppliers if we are to deliver our target of thirty percent of the worldwide new build programme. The UK is in the van"

    Companies from John O’Groats to the South of England, attended the meeting at fhe National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham, which was over-subscribed. They heard AREVA speakers spell out the standards required and the steps to become accredited suppliers, and had the opportunity of face to face to meetings.

    Speaking at the event, Energy and Climate Change Minister Mike O’Brien said:

    Photo de Luc Oursel discutant avec des fournisseurs

    “Areva’s plan to open the door to UK companies shows the real business opportunities of building new nuclear power stations in this country. I urge UK companies to step up to the plate”."

    Trade Union speakers from Prospect and the GMB also welcomed the initiative.

    Further supplier contact is planned and interested companies who did not attend should register on the AREVA suppliers’ website.

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